Thursday 1 May 2014

Internet media trouble

Ha ha ... officially we had been banned from Facebook , YouTube & Twitter in our job place .
I had been outrage in the morning in special for the attitude . They did not have the common courtesy to even notify us about this.
I was mad in special because  I do not have a smart phone so is no way for me to get in there .But I do have a Kindle and a mobile Broad band  ...:):)
Now after 8 hours actually I think they did some good to me personally . I had start to check the WordPress blog again , Pinterest , Stitching Fingers, My Space, Etsy . So I actually realise this will be the best opportunity for me to keep up to date with all other sites.
I actually had an idea to self publish a book about Romanian Point Lace - more of designs and patterns but I was always saying I have no time.
Ha ha ha ... lots of time now

Happy Crafting All


  1. well I suppose you should be working when at work and not on social websites!!

  2. Yeah presume so , the problem is how they did this: snicking in the people's back . They forgot in same time people have smart phones with internet connections ( I don't have one - I am worst than a granny even).
    Anyway they did good to me as I have more time to go in all other sites and blogs.
    As for my job always but always I am actually 2-3 days ready before the intended target .
    So good luck to them stoping me:) I have more important thinks to think about than what are they up to next.