Monday 29 June 2015

Lace journey

Have a bit of  a busy time in the last couple of weeks . Between lace making classes and embroidery classes and a full time job I actually have just a very little time to do anything else.
 I am very happy and proud to let you know I had my first interview ever in my life  with The Irish Examiner paper and I can't believe in special when you think about 16 years ago I had not a single work in english .
Anyway very ....very happy and in special when I see the classes have been starting to fly of the grid .
Been notified as for the Lace Convention in An Grianan in September all the places have been booked and I have 3 extra in the class.

In other hand I hope you all have a great summer as I have to enjoy here every minute of good weather . this weekend it was so nice and worm I actually enjoyed a lot to stay in my little shed (studio ) and do some alterations.
Got this dress from a friend to fix out. She brought the dress to a dry cleaner so to be safe on cleaning . And the moron had put it in a hot dryer so all the beads have melted to the fabric.

 I don't know if there is clear enough in the picture above but the little frill what was going over the shoulder was having holes actually .I had to take that out entirely .

Anyway I manage to pull them out as you can see below they are totally destroyed .Not like the beads was I don't know what high quality but still ... if they had bee n designed to be attached to a garment they should have been of a better quality .
And you are thinking how much money you spend in something which pretend to be a kind of a houte couture dress
For the month is saved and is going to be worn for few more times . With this economical situation people can't afford now anymore to buy a new dress for each occasion .
 For me was a great experience and a reason to relax playing with some beads.

So hope you enjoyed your self in the past weekend so much as me and I am hoping to have the next one same as I really need some relaxing time now.
I am hoping to do some alterations to my own clothes next weekend as I notice barely if I can fit in the ones I have . For the moment still need to hang in there as I can't really afford to get new ones.

Now I have to get some other work done .

Happy crafting all

Monday 15 June 2015

Port Marmion Trophy

What a great weekend have been the one just passed .
I have been at the embroidery guild scheduled like usual to teach the Romanian point lace .
I had to take with me few embroidered things as in the afternoon I had to go talk to the lovely Rosemary from The Constant Knitter about some workshops .

On my way to the guild I remembered about the Port Marmion annual competition and lo behold find my self submitting 2 of my pieces which I had in my bag.

After I had a hard time in the Royal School of Needlework I decided to relax by working on two small projects in my spare time, creating these two lovely pieces (above).

Well these two pieces actually had shared the Port Marmion Trophy and took me by surprise.
A very big surprise especially for the white one titled 'A Powerscourt Garden' which had been planed as I was sewing and which I completed in just 2 days.
So now I start to feel the pressure to make things better and better .
Another good day was Sunday too as I did try and manage to re-frame the blackwork portrait  trying to give it a more professional look .
Anyway is not 100% but I can say is 99.99%  ..... ha ha

Now looking at the picture I can see a bit of a light shadow between the wooden frame and the black card but I can say for sure when you are looking at the actual picture is not there. 
Well I am very happy with the way it come out so hope you will not try to disappoint me .....ha ha

Happy crafting all

Monday 8 June 2015

Lace weekend at An Grianan

Had a lovely weekend at An Grianan with the ladies from our Guild of Irish Lacemakers .
Have been very impressed with all the work and talent going on in there .
I had a small class compared with the previous lace day in Dublin and all have been starting this lace for the first time. The single one with some experience have been my lovely friend Mildred .
Everybody  started with a small kit with a small design to get accustomed to the process of couching the braid and filling stitches
After a quick snap of pics I notice I actually have only the very busy hands doing they own things.
 This very brave hands are Mildred's hands working very busy at a much bigger design than all the other girls because now she is in an advance stage of her classes.

As we can see on the other pics the designs are a smaller size and by some experience over the many classes I was just hopping they will finish or be well on the way of achieving this.
Then surprise ... surprise. All finished by Saturday mid day and start another bigger designs or start to play around with the braid making .
I have to confess I sort of get them out of class Saturday after 5 pm which never happen with the other classes and still they was on the top of they own work .
Very very impress and so very happy as I had some time for my self doing different things and had a good chat with other girls .

 Here above I have a very quiet class of 6 and I actually was amazed how quiet they were.

 In this two pics above Maree  is modelling her lovely flower and patiently is waiting for me to give her a butterfly kit . Her hands ha a go to the braid in the process of waiting  :)

 Then here is the lovely star of  Elaine same as Bronwen below

All in all was a great weekend and I do believe a great success for the Guild .

Happy crafting all

Friday 5 June 2015

Back and Go

I had a very busy few days ... maybe weeks in the last month .
Officially all done and dusted at Royal School of Needlework :)
Yes handed in the silk shading and the gold work projects for assessment . Now fingers  crossed all to be OK.
Now this is the silk shade in the process of been put on the card.I am pretty happy with how come out and the fact had not to much of unpicking.
Then when I took it out and turn on the back the tutor was so impress with my back and put me to take a pic of the back too.
I was not so impress but oblige and here it is
The gold work did not go so smooth as I had to unpick the cutwork on the upper stem few times. The rough purl keep cracking very fast in special when I was taking the frame with me to the hotel.
It was enough to touch slightly with the nail and was cracking .
I manage anyway to hand in the work with no cracks which I hope will reach the judges like that,  but never know .

And as a little treat I will show you some pictures from the famous screen which had been donated to RSN .
Is all hand made in crewelwork , very old and very very beautiful

This was a great source of inspiration for me and many other students.
Now I have to let you as I am in hurry to get to An Grianan for teaching Lace at the weekend .

Will be back with few more pictures of this screen

Happy crafting all