Tuesday 13 August 2013

Romanian Point Lace Jewellery

Love the way how the time is actually flying . I never get the chance to say I am getting bored or to say " I finished one thing and what I am going to do now".
Some time ago I have done few more crocheted jewellery where I used as base the Romanian Braid
presented at end of Jan 2013

Now I got so nice and lovely cotton thread from Aimee Rose shop and I will probably give a try to few more jewellery. This looks like a very good way of checking how the braid is looking . I never was thinking the colour of the thread would have change the way how the braid look. Always was using the classical tan shades   for my projects.

happy crafting all

Tuesday 6 August 2013

Elizabethan Embroidery

OK.., I have decided to take up the tests to become a craft teacher in ICA Ireland.
I do believe is lots to work and at the moment I decided to start to learn my self few techniques and then with few more lessons from specialists maybe polishing my skills.
One of the subjects for tests will be  the Elizabethan Embroidery
My very first attempt did not come so nice but I will keep insisting on do it .
The flower do not have all the petals even and they did not raise properly as my cloth did not was stretch in off so most of the filling have been going on the back of the cloth instead of in the front of the petal.
As for the braid next time I have to mark my entrance and exit points so I will be able to do an even braid, probably need to use different kind of braid for such design .
By the way have not have an actual design bu just give a try with some flower .

Happy crafting all

Monday 5 August 2013

St Maelruian's Flower Festival

I never know when I have to start to prepare for a craft fair or like now for this Flower Festival.
I don't know how many flowers would be but I know for sure everyone is knighting tea cosies like crazy.
I am not so good at knighting or maybe better said I refuse to get better . So I decided to get a bit creative and do little thinks with embroidery.

I start with two little pin cushions , here is front and back of them.Entirely hand made .Flowers ?... hmm I do believe are few on the embroidery.

Happy crafting all

Friday 2 August 2013

Beautiful blooms

I did not visit my blog for so long time but been in paint over my head . We try to decorate the house and our plan was for a very speedy job . Do you think was working ? NO  NO all the wrong things happen . Sealing going down , paint making bubbles and all sort of other thinks. In the middle of all this madness I came with the idea of re potting my beautiful Chinese Hibiscus . Then I hold my breath to see how many of them are going to die as they was having buds and is my understand when they start flowering you could not disturb them. Pruned them well in the same time.
And here they are after about two days , I was wondering how strong the stalk is for this two pink flowers to stay so strait up

The Orange one initial was Yellow but over the last 2-3 years became orange and the the Pink one was Red
Is  very nice to wait and see what colour will be next year.
And  I still have the initial Plant with what I start my little garden

Of-course Tiger had to check and see if this roses retained they own taste as he is eating them for desert as hairballs medication.
Another beautiful flower at which I start to get better are the Orchids
I do hope by next week to finish painting ( still have a bedroom , stairs and kitchen )and then get back to some sawing as I am busting with ideas and notice my stash is starting to go up to the sealing .

Happy crafting all
Lots of hugs