Monday 12 May 2014

Rainbow science

The story of my Quilt is very simple but full of feelings.

It is my belief that a Quilt can tell great stories.  That is why I decided my quilt will not only be geometrical pieces of fabric put together but it will tell a story. I allowed my imagination  inspiration to create each embroidered square.

All the treads that I used in my quilt have been passed down to me from my grandmother. While creating sewing each square I had many memories of my childhood.

I remember being about 3 -5 years old and playing with the threads - I am 43 now!!  By creating this quilt  using these special threads has meant a great deal to me.

 Happy crafting all


  1. It's a lovely quilt. What dimension are the blocks and the entire piece?

  2. I love thus quilt. It looks like it maybe a mini. Is it?

  3. what a wonderful crazy wall hanging, I had a good look by zooming in on the blocks

  4. Hi Girls ,thanks for all your appreciation. Yes is only 99cm/99cm (39inch/39inch) as for the individual squares I don't really remember.Took me around 6 hours per days , 6/7 days per week for 3 months to finished.