Friday 1 December 2017

Red work embroidery

This is another new technique which I acquire in the last few months .
Is a very easy embroidery but not my piece check . I would recommended warmly to someone which know to do only basic stitches as running stitch or back stitch.
I hope I will be able soon to do something with this pieces , they been planed for a wall hanging .
I think it should be another one anyway or so it was in plan.

Happy crafting all

New technique

I always think you are not to old to learn new things. So ... I decided a pulled work embroidery was waiting for to long to be learned. 
I still can't master this think with the photography  definitely need some courses or need someone to help me out .
I definitely think I like this new kind of embroidery and I am going to use it probably more often .
It will be incorporated i  my new designs hopefully .

Happy crafting all

Thursday 23 November 2017

Embroidery , lace and lots of small projects

Yeah ... I know been so long time from my last blog, I can't even remember when was this .
Lots of jobs  done this year  and more of things happen in my life .
Anyway the good new is I am still cancer free for the moment. Can't even imagine I cheat dead and still afloat 😂😂. Fingers cross this will happen for years to come too.

I should just put up few of my latest works.
This year was just for small jobs like just decorated a jeans shirt from GAP with a spray of Jacobean flowers . Anyway after all this work which came out beautiful had the surprise after few wears the collar on the shirt start to show a lot of  wear and tear. Very disappointed on the quality of the GAP goods in special if you look at the price tag.

 In the Lace Convention which is usually every two years , I think , I choose to take classes myself for change . Is very nice to be a student and stay on the chair relax and do something . I took classes with Anne Drew doing Idrija Lace which is a bobbin lace from Slovenia.
Very proud with my lovely piece below which is gone to be used as an applique on something .


Could not keep away from the Knitting & Stitching show this year either 😃.
I have done few embroideries ready to be hang up in the wall for sale , otherwise had same old stock from two years ago . All in all I had great time and was great to get back on the track . 

Happy crafting all

Sunday 6 August 2017

Past times , unforseen future 😂😂

It seems have been years from the last blog.
Lots of things going on and many more things done 😂😂 too.
The big thing is I have finished few more projects what have been started before my illness.
This design never been in my intentions, done at someones request and just because was started I want it finished. 

Not like the persone ordering the design did not like it or did not want it but because I fell ill and could not do'it in short time I decided I keep it. 

Happy crafting all and a good health 
lots of hugs 

Monday 2 January 2017

New Year , new classes

Wish you all a very Happy New Year !!!  So very happy to see another one coming and a ugly one gone 😂😂.
I do hope to have a much different year this time. My health seems to start to improve and hopefully will  get better and better.
The classes to be done this year will be more about embroidery and hope to be less stressful than the ones I had run in 2015.
2016 been a year with no classes , no job nothing , totally empty ....
The new designs to make it to the classes are following the brazilian embroidery characteristics missing only the real supplies.  
 The one below is a small one done for a short burst of creativity .

 The bigger one bellow is more for advanced classes and a longer time .


Hope to be more able to do blogs and other social media post in this new year too. 

Happy crafting and good health to all
Lots of love