Tuesday 20 December 2011

Missing times

I am so tired after a very busy autumn , doing couple of Craft Fairs and find out were I have to make changes to my style or to the technicality of my jewelerry.
Anyway learn a valuable lesson regarding to not buy anymore  Chinese beads ... yeah.... not good ...
I have to work hard to make more pictures of my latest pieces.
Hope Santa will bring some Foto equipment.

Thursday 20 October 2011

Billy the turtle

Some time ago I said I will do this little turtle

At first I was a bit sorry because I promise this without checking if all this kind of russian patern can be read .
Anyway at some stage I lost the plot and was going on my own doing the thinks as I taught is good.

Check it out the final product

My single problem is now to get to make some pictures were you would be able to see the right colors.
The yellow in reality is a bit more shiny and  the 4 stones  which make the shell is actually fancy jasper which are having  a little brown & a little green .
I don't know but just come over me to call him Billy and I am very found of him now.

I did linked again the original picture to the site were I got the pattern if anyone would like to try his own Billy.

So happy beading ladies.

Wednesday 19 October 2011

Ufs and Ohs....

Someone said ''artists are divided into two categories'' ones with money which they are using them to satisfy the drive to create and mange to change they own lives and other peoples lives and other which create to be able to get some money.
This is getting very confusing as I just realize I do not actually fit in any category .
Yes... is bad .... 
I have to say I have no money to invest in my hobby and for the likes of selling stuff for money I manage only to sell a bracelet and that for only €4.00.
... ha ha sad isn't?
I am still positive and keep going with my little stash of bracelets , necklaces and earrings. 


Tuesday 4 October 2011

Random pattern

I think I like a lot this flower and I am actually get an idea what to use it for....

Sunday 2 October 2011

Crafts , crafts and agin crafts

What an amazing site is this for people which love crafts. Are you really handy with your hands ? check this one
Start with Halloen, continue with Christmas then St Valentine and Easter and so on...

Or maybe you have some old clothes which need some lift up,  or maybe you need some inspiration I think you can be very happy with 

Tuesday 27 September 2011

A last kick of the summer

And because this week they say will be around 23degrees in Ireland I fill like need to celebrate the summer days with some most needed flowers.

I don't know way but this little bracelet make me happy .

Thursday 22 September 2011

Very busy and exited times

Lost of news in my life right now.

For the first time I will go out in the world with my beads.
This shop is on the heart of Dublin and as you can see from her video is just a very busy shop.All the vintage stuff in there is very nice and I have to say my daughter actually developed a dependence to go in this shop at least once a month.
Just click on the picture and go to see this great place.

Most of the thinks in the shop are hand made and many times when you go in there you will have the opportunity to talk directly with some of the designers which are really nice and very helpful.

But this will be from Sunday on and will keep you  posted how I'm getting on. Maybe I get some pictures of the stuff which I will bring up there.

Another excited think going on is Hurray ..... I go to attend  Irish Countrywoman's Association activity night.
I am very curious and hopefully will get to know many of our crafty woman.I know Country Woman do not sound very encouraging but there all are from the city in the branch what I want to join and this days actually a city girl doing knitting or crochet is a very rare think.

Wednesday 14 September 2011

Steampunk neclace

Not like I am a very big specialist in jewellery or anything about steampunk but this necklace is absolutely beautiful.

more of this beautiful work is to be find in Ukapala's page from deviantART http://ukapala.deviantart.com/gallery/
I think this particular necklace is going very well with the new autumn days which just arrive.In same time those brown beads looks like they locked some of the summer's sun in them .
yeah ... I definitely love them

Beadweaving feature - fringes, picots and tassels

I  got my ring featured in one of the Deviants Arts pages.I find there lots of interesting art work
 This beautiful piece

Mistress of the night-sideview


Per aspera... handflower

you can see them and many more in Cayca's page in deviantART

Saturday 10 September 2011

New chalenge...

I think I find my next project 
I'll see if I can manage to do ths little turtle just from the picture and from some drauwings..
Check for your selfs and see if  this is working for you


Try the explanation in the siteand let me know if you take up this chalenge....

Happy beading ladies....

Happy Saturday !!!!! everyone...

Happy Saturday !!!!!

OK i think I need to get some experience in this think call Blog or maybe to say so I am more interested in actually doing some jewelery than bloging. So if I make some jewelery I don't have time to blog and the other way around .What can I do???? help....
let see if I manage to show you few more pics

This red carnation should have been a neclace but as it is for the moment I think will be transformed in a broche. Anyway is red which mean I love it....

Wednesday 7 September 2011

Holidays Finish

OK... I am so bad at blogging and find my self in trouble.... from the time I last publish something I see thinks are changing . To say the truth I did have different priorities this summer. Had a great holiday , get used with our new pet Bruno the german shepard , and get used to have a daughter student to the college...so many things going on ...

I think Rome is the most beautiful city due to all those water fountains. Love the buildings and the people around.

Tuesday 19 July 2011

A last post before holidays

I would like to be able to do more posting before I go to Rome but I do really have so many thinks to do.. the usual : bags to pack for the whole family and cleaning the house ... you know can't leave the house messy when you leave the key with neighbors. Anyway I tough to just leave you with some more pictures of my work

This little summer bracelet is just inspired from a field full of wild flowers
Then I have my lovely sun which unfortunately is dying if you are to  listening  to the scientists , I hope my pendant will be leaving a good life for many years to come.
Anyway I have already on my list to get some lovely beads from Rome and so I will let you know when I get back if I will be successful in this matter.

Hard life with a new baby...

Ha ha .. YES is true ... is very hard life with a new baby , even a puppy have have to be minded and is keep crying in the night so now I have a week of sleepless nights.
Even so he is so cute and I am so sorry because Friday we leave in holiday and he is going in the kennel already.

And here he have start to put up one of his ears (hope they both will go up with no intervention).

Anyway after I back from Holiday we have to get back to the beads with a  new  meaning ... working to build up a real blog with more postings and few more followers and maybe my husband will manage to finish my site so I can then think about a small business online.....

Tuesday 12 July 2011

New familly addition

Finally we did it... we got Bruno and he is so cute .

So for the moment I kind of put my beads away and got on my new rol as a parent of a little doggy

What colors belong to your sign?

Given the different descriptions of the Zodiac, a modern astrologer often finds a correlation of zodiac signs with different colors. Therefore, making a correspondence between these signs and colors, I tried to find the dominant color of each sign. Here's the result...

Flag Aries - is predominantly red. It is a color that evokes a state of activity, aggression, excitement, boldness, sincerity and enthusiasm. This is the energy momentum, heat, ardor... and most intensive color. Male has a shadow, strong, rude, choleric and physically irritating. In daylight, however, intense red is the brightest of colors, become less distinctive in the twilight. Its power is spreading in the world quiet night.

Friday 1 July 2011

My creative spaces

Just having a peak in one blog or other I came across a brilliant think what  I just want to share with you  all.
Lots more crafty spaces over here - some very creative things going on and a very friendly site.

Thursday 30 June 2011

Summers candies

Love to experiment with all sort of crafts so I was thinking way not clay ...
I find by chance Fimo and like a child I start play with ..
Here is what I come with
OK... I just experimented , did not even know the temperature to my oven so nearly forgot them on the oven...
The picture don't do to much justice to the colors because the red should have a bit of glitter in.

Blog Hop - June11 - Foot Bling

Here I manage to finish my Foot jewelery  for the competition in The Musings of Mystic Pesto blog.
Even if I am not goibg to win anything which I will not I hope only some people will like it same as me.
Anyway my big happiness is the fact my daughter was very happy about the looks and said will suit her shorts very well.

Wish good luck to all other contestants and looking forward to see all your work girls.

Tuesday 28 June 2011

June's Blog Hop - Foot Bling!!!

I am very exited to be finish my first ever piece of Foot Jewellery for the blog hop in
The Musings of Mystic Pesto
I will update the picture tomorrow so I will actually have the chance to see the picture properly my self , tonight is to late and I am tired .

Monday 27 June 2011

Beaded Garden by Diane Fitzgerald

January bjp flower

beauty ...isn't ?.... 


I am always amazed about other people art so today I just was surfing away  and bump on this amazing site
The Art Zoo
Check for your self the beuatiful thinks what you may find in there . I was mesmeraized by  the
Ivory & Blue Bead
by Perlentraum

Sunday 26 June 2011

Giveaway in Beaducation blog

The Beaducation Blog is having an awesome contest !  All you have to do is subscribe to their blog!  Read more here!
This is a great opportunity for a very lucky one.

Friday 24 June 2011

Great give away in Andrew Thornton ' s blog

Do you like this Vintage Reproduction Glass beads from Eclectica?
There I just find this great give away and if you are still looking for more please just follow the links.CLICK HERE 
Go on over to Andrew's blog and check out for your self.  He has given lots of chances to win. 

Thursday 23 June 2011

The triangle of rings

My first attempt  on doing some rings.I am actually to do one for my daughter which should be having a bow as the main feature .I don't know how should be done a bow but I'll give a try.

Sunday 19 June 2011

I do believe this two videos will actually show how did I learn to do my bracelet Fruits of the Forest.
I must gice her all the credit on leraning my RAW and to thank for this videos.
And by the way I think the best way is to use beads at least size 11 or biger.

Thursday 16 June 2011

Fruits of the forest

I think I am getting better at RAW anyway this bracelet make me feel better at my abilities to do this stitch.
The beads what I have been used was Swarovski crystals , size 11 Toho beads and sort of pears which really don't know the size .

Thursday 9 June 2011

Beautiful day

Today is start to be a beautiful day but you know in Dublin you never can be sure.
Anyway my household is a bit ''under the weather'' as they say because of Leaving Cert and Junior Cert. Both of my children are very busy with this stupid exams. Anyway they have to be done and get over with .
I just  remember to show you a lovely bracelet which I have done folowing the istruction from Bead & Button magazin
I am not a big fan of metal work but this combination between the covered jump rings and bead work is going well.
I find may thinks in this magazine very nice but the single problem what I have is the magazine is a bit expensive in Dublin.
Sure in off we have to spend for our hobbies ... isn't?

Wednesday 8 June 2011

Grumpy Mood

OK... did you ever have that impression when you are moody but try hard to think your OK??..
Yes right now I would like to kick some ass to the IT guys from my job.
Need to get home fast and do some beading to calm down ...

Tuesday 7 June 2011


This weekend have been very productive for me . I was able to finish few pairs of earrings which I actually like myself.This are done with Swarovski crystals, seed beads size11 and silver wire.

In this pair all the beads are actually recycled

In general in all this pairs I used same kind of wire which I think is maybe to fine for the design.

Anyway I am on my way of waiting for my delivery of supplies which I am very exited about .

Monday 6 June 2011

work in progress

I think the idea of following your own projects is a good think because this may impruve your drive to finish the project faster.So I decided to start doing this myself. For the start I will try to follow on my  gobelins tapestry.This pictures have been taken Friday.

I'll try to come with an update maybe by end of the week again. Anyway between going to the job and doing few more jwelery pieces we will see what the progress will be.