Saturday 16 April 2016

Life in slow motion

Long time did not post anything . Is not like did not exist anymore but things got slow and life is different. My month now become only of 21 days how many are between chemotherapy treatments. From this 21 about 10 - 15 are good for nothing else than sleeping and maybe watch TV .
But then every single day is a victory !!!😁😁😁
The rest of the days up to 21 are fill with anything which can keep me busy.
A bit of work to my big crewel which was started as a commission design but then I had to cancel the commission contract due to the my time schedule now.

Is coming out nicer than expected but very slow. The big frame is not very helpful now when you have pain all over the body .
Another small project which start to get some momentum would be a sampler started in the class with some of my students and which I decided I may finish until I be able to be back for classes.
Now... I may have to leave you at this stage so I can gather my pictures for a further post.
My treatment is going well enough so soon I may be able to actually comeback with more crafts pictures.

Happy crafting all
Hugs and kisses