Monday 3 September 2012

And here are the result of the Science in My Quilt Competition

After some waiting with emotions and no big hopes we got the results of Science in My Quilt Competition.
Very lovely and brilliant work done in all the quilts . Some of them was big and very complex and some smaller but very unique in design and material used
I will let you judge for yourself the beauty of all this work

 This first ones are the quilts which qualify for 4th, 5th and 6th places and which I think are very unique
 a beautiful design with SPACE theme and other very precise sciences

 This little one with butterfly was absolutely amazing by my like as it has this lovely insertions of very fine lace
  A beautiful  DNA representation , very tidies job with the little strips on the side

This was one of the more classical quilts very big and beautiful

And here start to be the main winners
Fourth  place have been taken by this very interesting Fibonacci spiral which had been made from vry , very little squares put together and which I find to be lot of job
Third place go to this lovely quilt with embroidery of domestic animals and flowers. I like a lot the neat embroidery , very nice
Second place have been taken by the under the sea view which combine quilting with felt making

And the first place is for my little piece of art which is very near to my heart and my soul.

Here is one pic with the lovely ladies which organized the competition

Wednesday 8 August 2012

Samples ready and going to An Grianan

This is my slide with samples which go today to be presented to An Grianan . I hope they actually looks OK in reality because I think the pictures need some more work.Can keep the camera steady and straight so definitely more work there.

Happy crafting to all

Tuesday 31 July 2012

new designs

This may not look like beads jewelery and is right not to many beads around here.Anyway is still jewelry and I am very happy to be able to combine two very strong headed cultures Irish and Romanian.
I just want to show what you can do with Romanian cord and Irish crochet .
I needed to rest my eyes for some time so I decided some old crochet jobs had to be finish. Instead of finishing old job I ended starting another few tens

I think I greatly enjoy the way how you can include just few beads here and there for a little sparkle
Anyway I am very proud to say this are entirely my designs and I do hope that will be.
I appreciate if anyone want to do something similar just change them a bit or please ask for approval.

hope you like them

happy beading

Tuesday 29 May 2012

Rainbow science

The story of my Quilt is very simple but full of feelings.

I have to confess that I have never made a Quilt in my life, so my conception about a quit was that it should be made from recyclable materials. The journey of my Quilt began by searching the house for all sorts of fabrics to use in my Quilt design. I had no intention to make a quilt as a bed spread but to use it as a display on my wall.

My first thought was that I could use a lot of embellishments. The first thing I did was to sew together small pieces of fabric to form squares, which were to form the face of the quilt. The basic squares where then all sewed together on the sewing machine.

It is my belief that a Quilt can tell great stories.  That is why I decided my quilt will not only be geometrical pieces of fabric put together but it will tell a story. I allowed my imagination & inspiration to create each embroidered square.

All the treads that I used in my quilt have been passed down to me from my grandmother. While creating & sewing each square I had many memories of my childhood. I remember being about 3 -5 years old and playing with the threads - I am 43 now!!  By creating this quilt & using these special threads has meant a great deal to me.

Stitches used creating the quilt include : blanket stitch , running stitch , back stitch , stem stitch, chain stitch, lazy daisy stitch, magic chain stitch, barred chain stitch , French knots, bullion knot , satin stitch , fly stitch , feather stitch , Scottish cretan stitch , buttonhole wheel, double cross stitches, herringbone stitch, threaded herringbone stitch, woven spider wheel and many other variation of the basic stitches used in embroidery.

After finishing the embroidery all the squares where stitched together on the sewing machine and then the fun began ! !As I mentioned I have never done a quilt so I had to figure out how to do the sandwich together.

Because the quilt is only going to be used as a display quilt I had used ‘’ stitch in the ditch’’ which is the stitching in between the patches so all the design is still visible.

Binding of the quilt is done manually from the front to the back of the quilt and the embroidery is used for the finishing touches.

I would like to set you a challenge - spot the patches that represent science !!

 And now she go to the Irish Quilting competition.
 I am really mad to think I stand a chance .....!!!!

Good day and hugs to everyone

Sunday 20 May 2012

Rainbow Science

And the front of my quilt is finish . WOW ... had a shock my self... This is happen when you are not having a proper idea what you want to say in your work.
I never realise what will go on when you put all those crazy patches together. Anyway is absolutely to late to change anything by next week I have to bring it to the association and then to send it for the competition.
Have no expectation anymore .

Anyway manage to put all the pieces together without breaking my sewing machine needles or any of the beads from the embroidery.
Try to start do the the sandwich but  realise I can't see anymore which one was the face and back of the fabric so I have to leave it for Monday

Sunday 13 May 2012

Howth 2012

And comes and go my first competition. At first did not want to go and then I was thinking just to send some stuff so to make my friends from association happy.
Here are my entries for Jewellery , Lace and Embroidery categories.

I actually been told my Lace did not win anything due to the fact did not was any other in same category so they had no other item to compare, to judge... weird...if I knew this I was going to send at least two .

and the winner is....!
Yep one of my necklace got the first place .Can't be more proud in special because is a personal design with not a little of inspiration . Actually the rope had been made long time ago and just few weeks ago I was thinking would be nice to have a little pendant so because was black and white I think was just right to be Yn Yang.

Monday 16 April 2012

More squares

Is going very slowly or so I think because I am under time pressure.
Anyway I am half way down with my quilt and my mind is already racing to another 100 things to start.
I think I have to hold my horses as I still have two cardigans started , a table runner from crochet, few hundred jewellery pieces and this was the year to finish all of them.
well .... I have to get over this too...

To get back to my quilt I have below few pics 

All of them are part of the science theme which is included in my quilt
Please any comment , suggestion and opinion is very welcome and very important to me .

Monday 9 April 2012

Wild Orchid

I like the outcome of my first flower done after a pattern which I find in Diane's Fitzgerald book.
I would probable do a little scale down next time but at the moment I am happy.
Her book ''The Beaded Garden'' is absolutely brilliant when you try to get new skills on beading , love it.

OK is same flower but can't decide which of the picture is best .
Anyway the main thing is the Orchid is actually come beautiful and I manage to acquire  new experience .

Happy beading all

Saturday 31 March 2012

New job

OK , have to recognise I am going a little bit mad with the new findings.
Find few days ago I come across  a notice about a little competition for quilts. Yeah you heard well quilts, which I never did or actually touch in  my life. And so I go on starting this quilt or what I think will be a quilt .
The single condition which I think is for the competition between quilts and  science.
Many people tell me quilts have a very good maths at the base, OK I have no connection with maths (accountant ... ha) but I would make the connection between quilts and many other science.
 Here are my first few patches.

This is just for filling and have no connection other than nature with science
 electricity and nuclear energy
 space travel and the last two are under the sea

and this is my helper which had to approve of the softness of the patches.
He is checking very often all my job and tell me were I need few more beads or if he don't like to many