Sunday 26 February 2012

New jwelery pictures

I play around with my camera and come with new pics of my latest jeweleries.

I definitely would have to do a course in photography or something to be able to use better my camera .
Need to get to know how to use the settings in the camera and how to direct the lighting .

Total confusion

I had a very nasty surprise tonight . I was wondering throw my blogs which I follow and trying to leave few comments and find my self I have no clue where to leave them as I can't find the link for the comment . I am very frustrate as I do not understand way Google change always interfaces and all sort of this. Hate it....grrr

Thursday 23 February 2012

Fall colors or just a funky combination

Trying to perfect my crocheted technique and I come out with this bracelet. At first find this to be only a very funky bracelet were the swirls of the colors give me the directions of my crochet patern.
Later looking at this from far realize all the colors used are actually so much for autumn ... so I have to thik again and do few more for spring and summer.
Anyway the spring colors of 2012 are probably the most beautiful ones , so have a look for yourselves.

Wednesday 1 February 2012

Lunch break

Yeah , I decide to go on my lunch break for a change today and what I find? See  for your self :

Yes , all my lovely flower pots was just small pieces.
So my half an hour break transformed in a nightmare, brushing and sweeping , at a superwoman's speed , all the garden. Not like my garden is very big but the deck sweeping is a horrible job to do.
Anyway  here is the finish  and the culprit.

and now a good macro  , I think

How can you be upset when you are looking on this eyes.

New techniks

So many new thinks I have been acquire and practise this year , I am asking my self how many more I will learn until the end of the year. The main think is I manage to get few pictures better done then the ones before .

I still need to get a lens for Macro but at the moment I have to hope my pics are good in off with what I have and pray for my husband to get a paid job.