Sunday 31 March 2013

CQJP2013 on the way

Finally I start working towards this project which will be part of the CQJP2013.
So many thinks at same time I had to decide if this project will become something by the end of the year or will be just separated pieces, so I think they will become a Sample book for Romanian Point Lace Braids.
Starting with January

 February block

And March block

Anyway the colours of the blocks are all over the place. I don't know maybe the light is the reason and in same time depending on the screen too . In my daughter's laptop they looks very near to the real colour of the fabric but in mine not.
Hope from now on to keep up and do a block per month .

Happy crafting all

Friday 29 March 2013

Findings in Internet

Just watching ''Making Art Business Connections with Jane Davila'' from Interwave and in this video Jane is recommending for arts people to do a check up in Goggle of your own name and see who is watching you and commenting about your work.
I did so and I got a very nice surprise , pleasant anyway.
This is what I find:

You should try this little trick and see who is watching your activity and what they say about you and your work .Sometime you may find people appreciate you more than you think.

Happy crafting all

Thursday 14 March 2013

Baby Quilt Finish

Finally is officially finish . I don't know way but always when I try to finish something I find some more ideas to add things to. Anyway is finish so the new ideas have to wait until next project - which may come faster then I anticipated.
Back to our quilt I have try few more pictures but I still struggle big time , my photographic skills do not improve, worst I change camera setting and made a bigger mess.
It is a good size and is very soft as the backing is from fleece .

And because the granny did not want to tell me what the baby would be I had to keep neutral which is a bit difficult for me . One week before the baby arrival I find out from the auntie  it will be a girl , so change the tactics.

Adding few girl thinks like flowers , butterflies in many of the patches hope will help.
Tonight is the big day to present the end product to the Granny and I think Saturday the little princess will get her comfy little cover.

Happy crafting all