Friday 22 January 2016

Totaly diff kind of blog

I finally have that confirmation which will let me tell you some of the other life I have outside of embroidery.
I have ovarian cancer. Yup...
Well I tell you what : I am ready for the fight of my life and I can assure you this cancer will not have it easy with me.
I would try to document daily what I go thru and see if I come alive at the end of the challenge .
Peety you can't have about 10 life's like in the TV games or even 9 like the cats.

Well this is before my first chemo session.
 Fell scared of what will I feel as they say you can have adverse reactions strait away.
This wasn't happen today.
Bit of sore mouth but otherwise ok.
Now this one is after the chemo already spring cleaning around the bed and alert like a dazy.
Now see you tomorrow :) .
I hope I will still positive.

Happy crafting all

Sunday 3 January 2016

Skirt up do

Just a small reminder of my upcycle skirt . Early on the year  I decided this brown skirt was a bit outdated but because I still like it I was thinking something must be done to just change the face of.
So combining the pleasure of embroidery with the needs and got this brand new skirt ( about 25 years young ) 😀😀
happy crafting all