Tuesday 19 July 2011

A last post before holidays

I would like to be able to do more posting before I go to Rome but I do really have so many thinks to do.. the usual : bags to pack for the whole family and cleaning the house ... you know can't leave the house messy when you leave the key with neighbors. Anyway I tough to just leave you with some more pictures of my work

This little summer bracelet is just inspired from a field full of wild flowers
Then I have my lovely sun which unfortunately is dying if you are to  listening  to the scientists , I hope my pendant will be leaving a good life for many years to come.
Anyway I have already on my list to get some lovely beads from Rome and so I will let you know when I get back if I will be successful in this matter.

Hard life with a new baby...

Ha ha .. YES is true ... is very hard life with a new baby , even a puppy have have to be minded and is keep crying in the night so now I have a week of sleepless nights.
Even so he is so cute and I am so sorry because Friday we leave in holiday and he is going in the kennel already.

And here he have start to put up one of his ears (hope they both will go up with no intervention).

Anyway after I back from Holiday we have to get back to the beads with a  new  meaning ... working to build up a real blog with more postings and few more followers and maybe my husband will manage to finish my site so I can then think about a small business online.....

Tuesday 12 July 2011

New familly addition

Finally we did it... we got Bruno and he is so cute .

So for the moment I kind of put my beads away and got on my new rol as a parent of a little doggy

What colors belong to your sign?

Given the different descriptions of the Zodiac, a modern astrologer often finds a correlation of zodiac signs with different colors. Therefore, making a correspondence between these signs and colors, I tried to find the dominant color of each sign. Here's the result...

Flag Aries - is predominantly red. It is a color that evokes a state of activity, aggression, excitement, boldness, sincerity and enthusiasm. This is the energy momentum, heat, ardor... and most intensive color. Male has a shadow, strong, rude, choleric and physically irritating. In daylight, however, intense red is the brightest of colors, become less distinctive in the twilight. Its power is spreading in the world quiet night.

Friday 1 July 2011

My creative spaces

Just having a peak in one blog or other I came across a brilliant think what  I just want to share with you  all.
Lots more crafty spaces over here - some very creative things going on and a very friendly site.