Thursday 22 December 2016

The Shuttle Hive: A Century of Rising Threads

Been lucky enough this summer to participate to a action of the National Museum of Ireland which was a commemorative collection from designer Alison Conneely and inspired by the role of women in the War of Independence.
This exhibition is running until Jan 2017.
"The exhibited collection will display six themed garment panels – reflecting themes from rebellion and resistance to family and domestic life – each consisting of three items of clothing created by Conneely. The panels are inspired by the various roles played by women during this war-time period: as rebels; spies; uniform makers; nurses; messengers; symbols of old Ireland; and revolution directors. Alison’s vision is of a ‘tapestry of values’, and she has used fabrics that evoke both rebellion and modernity, with an ultimate dream of evoking a new myth that is both complex and clean cut."
Me and my friend have been attended the Weaving Workshops where we created small pieces of weaving art .

Here is my finish piece of weaving which in the picture below is  3d from up . My idea was to present the bloody dripping days of 1916.

The exhibition is very interesting 
 Very happy to be part of this project too. 

Happy crafting all

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  1. Beautiful weaving. I think your piece is a good depiction of the event. The frayed red yarn is perfect.