Tuesday 29 May 2012

Rainbow science

The story of my Quilt is very simple but full of feelings.

I have to confess that I have never made a Quilt in my life, so my conception about a quit was that it should be made from recyclable materials. The journey of my Quilt began by searching the house for all sorts of fabrics to use in my Quilt design. I had no intention to make a quilt as a bed spread but to use it as a display on my wall.

My first thought was that I could use a lot of embellishments. The first thing I did was to sew together small pieces of fabric to form squares, which were to form the face of the quilt. The basic squares where then all sewed together on the sewing machine.

It is my belief that a Quilt can tell great stories.  That is why I decided my quilt will not only be geometrical pieces of fabric put together but it will tell a story. I allowed my imagination & inspiration to create each embroidered square.

All the treads that I used in my quilt have been passed down to me from my grandmother. While creating & sewing each square I had many memories of my childhood. I remember being about 3 -5 years old and playing with the threads - I am 43 now!!  By creating this quilt & using these special threads has meant a great deal to me.

Stitches used creating the quilt include : blanket stitch , running stitch , back stitch , stem stitch, chain stitch, lazy daisy stitch, magic chain stitch, barred chain stitch , French knots, bullion knot , satin stitch , fly stitch , feather stitch , Scottish cretan stitch , buttonhole wheel, double cross stitches, herringbone stitch, threaded herringbone stitch, woven spider wheel and many other variation of the basic stitches used in embroidery.

After finishing the embroidery all the squares where stitched together on the sewing machine and then the fun began ! !As I mentioned I have never done a quilt so I had to figure out how to do the sandwich together.

Because the quilt is only going to be used as a display quilt I had used ‘’ stitch in the ditch’’ which is the stitching in between the patches so all the design is still visible.

Binding of the quilt is done manually from the front to the back of the quilt and the embroidery is used for the finishing touches.

I would like to set you a challenge - spot the patches that represent science !!

 And now she go to the Irish Quilting competition.
 I am really mad to think I stand a chance .....!!!!

Good day and hugs to everyone

Sunday 20 May 2012

Rainbow Science

And the front of my quilt is finish . WOW ... had a shock my self... This is happen when you are not having a proper idea what you want to say in your work.
I never realise what will go on when you put all those crazy patches together. Anyway is absolutely to late to change anything by next week I have to bring it to the association and then to send it for the competition.
Have no expectation anymore .

Anyway manage to put all the pieces together without breaking my sewing machine needles or any of the beads from the embroidery.
Try to start do the the sandwich but  realise I can't see anymore which one was the face and back of the fabric so I have to leave it for Monday

Sunday 13 May 2012

Howth 2012

And comes and go my first competition. At first did not want to go and then I was thinking just to send some stuff so to make my friends from association happy.
Here are my entries for Jewellery , Lace and Embroidery categories.

I actually been told my Lace did not win anything due to the fact did not was any other in same category so they had no other item to compare, to judge... weird...if I knew this I was going to send at least two .

and the winner is....!
Yep one of my necklace got the first place .Can't be more proud in special because is a personal design with not a little of inspiration . Actually the rope had been made long time ago and just few weeks ago I was thinking would be nice to have a little pendant so because was black and white I think was just right to be Yn Yang.