Friday 22 May 2015

Salvaged wool and week review

A good weekend is starting with a good week finished. Very happy to find out I have finished on Tuesday my  calico garden or white work or anyway you want to call it .
I still need to figure out how to make pictures to white things :)

 This two yellow ones are the pics without the flash and then with the flash on.

 And then today I finished and nearly up in the wall the project done with the salvaged wool . I actually liked a lot to work with all this crazy colours :) ,, well this would be me ... very colourful .

Both of this projects are based on my own design and now I think is time to start up the patterns and the kits plan.
I had many times the one project you don't think so .. that is the one were they ask for a pattern . 

Happy crafting all

Thursday 14 May 2015

New Project on the way

I know I should have been good and finish few thinks which are already started .I really do need new ideas to be put down before I loose them. So I will definitely get back to my UFO's soon as I have a bit of a go to this one. Anyway will not tell you what is about as is small and need to be finished by summer.
The single clue to give away is going to be monochrome
 This is the real colour above.
I don't know what happen below but my camera decided she have enough of flash and decided not to use it . 

Have good intentions to finish this soon as I comeback from Hampton Court were I go in a week time to finish my last two modules of the Certificate .
Next week need to be used to max to finish the Silk shading project .
And I need to get back to the gold work to have a go at some practise for the cut work to get back in shape for the classes.

Well... will keep in touch by then .

Happy crafting all

Monday 11 May 2015

Salvaged wool - Update

Some progress have been done in this piece even if time do not allow to much .
Anyway the big surprise to realise I actually spend about a day in doing only a promenade. Can't believe my self how slow this one been  .
Thought I am  very happy with the outcome as I can actually see my self good progress in how the edges looks to my satin stitch . Did not need any stem stitch to hide  the loose ends.
I'd love to say is perfect  but I do have to patient and to do some more practise. I did learn I need to be a little slower in my work so I can pay attention more , but as they say all your life you still learn.

Happy crafting all