Monday 5 February 2018

Just thoughts 🤔🤔🤔

Feel very tired and lack of inspirations 😯 . Some day I am all very excited about every thread or piece fabric other days feel I want to throw all out.
Is that time when I got again lots of projects on the go but no results yet .
My lace for the edge of a dress is still not finished yet.

Another started and unfinished project is a beads embroidery after an ortodox icon which was started in 2016 

Now just done an whitework embroidery sampler just had been finished in around 15 hours but I am wondering if will ever be finished on something 🤔🤔.

Happy crafting and good health to all
Lots of love 

Tuesday 2 January 2018

Happy New Year!!!

Happy New Year ! to all 😁
I hope this year will get better and can't complain for last year as my health is steadily improving .
Lots of new projects on the go and big venture too. Started in October a Fashion Design course at  Dublin Institute of Design , so is a bit of mad life now again .
Full time job , course and all my other embroidery projects start all to be getting in the top of each other.
Anyway once I have my health back all is good. I take a step at the time and learn not to panic if I am late doing something , still a work in progress this thought .
I have here  just few small pictures of the work done this year . Second part of my year have all together different kind of work, more related to the school.
A new brooch was making its way on my collection  mostly from recyclable materials .

I have teach myself Florentine work and I have to say I enjoyed it a lot as I remember my granny use to do'it . She use to work pillow covers for people and earn some cash. 

 All this small hoops have been done for Knitting & Stitching Show in Dublin. There had been few more but are gone . Now need few good pics for the leftover ones and up in the website.

This two squares ones are done the same way as the hoops just have been mounted on the artist canvas. Now I have to say the truth I don't even know if they are still on the stock or have been gone 😂😂 . Not very clever ...

Happy crafting all