Friday 16 May 2014

Rainbow science details part two

Some time is a bit hard to keep up with this social media in special when children are still at home.
My son will have tonight his graduation and last night was the fever of finding his suit and that particular black shirt and so on . Anyway was lucky in off this did not was my daughter otherwise I probably was busy over my head for about few months before the event.
Getting back to my quilt I have some of other patches pics here as I promise

 This last pic is from the time when I start the quilt and I had to get the go ahead accept from my master :)
My Tiger have to check every single piece I work . The single place he did not sleep yet is in the top of the embroidery frame from RSN. There definitely he's not aloud .

Happy crafting all

Tuesday 13 May 2014

Rainbow science details

I think I had posted few details of this quilt at the time of making it but because I a bit lazy to go back and see were the posts are I will just post them again.
I do have about 15 little squares with a theme and the rest are only like this one with flowers .
 This one is about electricity and atomic energy.
 this is a view of the nature
 I love the CI so a bit of DNA , blood cells , prints and so on go well . :)
 My rainbow was intended to cover the light refraction .
 The human body is always a huge subject in the science.
 Bugs , insects and they own life is an infinite domain .
 OK, this have nothing to do with science as is a reproduction of Van Gogh but I love arts a lot
 The magnetic field
 Some geometrical forms will cover maths.
And here is the life under the sea with the famous Nemo
I will be back tomorrow hope with details of the rest of the patches.

Happy crafting all

Monday 12 May 2014

Rainbow science

The story of my Quilt is very simple but full of feelings.

It is my belief that a Quilt can tell great stories.  That is why I decided my quilt will not only be geometrical pieces of fabric put together but it will tell a story. I allowed my imagination  inspiration to create each embroidered square.

All the treads that I used in my quilt have been passed down to me from my grandmother. While creating sewing each square I had many memories of my childhood.

I remember being about 3 -5 years old and playing with the threads - I am 43 now!!  By creating this quilt  using these special threads has meant a great deal to me.

 Happy crafting all

Saturday 10 May 2014

A brilliant day

Had a great day today .Start in the morning with embroidery guild were I manage to land a job with a presentation next month for the Romanian Point Lace.
Then me and my lovely friend Mildred had to go to Howth were was the annual Craft Competition .
I had to collect all the thinks which had been submitted by my ICA Guild , and there was the big surprise.
Yes is right you see well 3 first prises and a third
Everyone ask me about the gold work and could not believe I did this in 2 hours in  RDS Knitting and stitching show  with RSN .
I have to say I actually was gob smacked of how many prises our guild got all people got something .
A cute display of knighted toys
Chicken scratch display or Gingham embroidery where by chance got lost some crewel work and some quilted pillow which was categorise as blackwork ( the pillow with the sails ). Usually people which submit  the work have to say the category were they compete.

As you can see huge amount of people participating in this competition

The cream of the competition was this beautiful quilt done in a very traditional way

All in all a very good day

Happy crafting all

Wednesday 7 May 2014

Autumn Symphony

This time is finished and ready for hanging up the wall of the exhibition-competition in Howth  . I am very proud about this project taking in consideration is first to be mount and framed  in totality by me . I got some help with the wire in the back from my lovely support husband but the rest I did.

I have decided to not add the glass as was pressing to badly the embroidery and was shiny .
I am still struggling to find a professional framer which would have the special glass glare free .At the moment I think is good in off just a very plain frame as I need to bring up the embroidery and not the frame.

I do not have big hopes for the competition but I will be very glad to get some feed back so I would know if I am on the wright direction or not.

Happy crafting all

Saturday 3 May 2014

Autumn Symphony

Finished and ready for our Annual Crafts Competition from Howth .I need only to frame it which I hope to do tomorrow. We hope here for Spring to come but right now the weather is like Autumn or maybe better say Winter is coming to Ireland.
I always ask my self how did I full my self to come in the country I must have catch a very good weather when I decided to stay.
Maybe I should not complain as this weather is give me the chance to stay in the house and do embroidery after embroidery and so on.

Pictures as always are fuzzy and not very good but at the moment they have to do as I am in hurry to finish another piece so I can move on with the framing

Happy crafting all

Thursday 1 May 2014

Internet media trouble

Ha ha ... officially we had been banned from Facebook , YouTube & Twitter in our job place .
I had been outrage in the morning in special for the attitude . They did not have the common courtesy to even notify us about this.
I was mad in special because  I do not have a smart phone so is no way for me to get in there .But I do have a Kindle and a mobile Broad band  ...:):)
Now after 8 hours actually I think they did some good to me personally . I had start to check the WordPress blog again , Pinterest , Stitching Fingers, My Space, Etsy . So I actually realise this will be the best opportunity for me to keep up to date with all other sites.
I actually had an idea to self publish a book about Romanian Point Lace - more of designs and patterns but I was always saying I have no time.
Ha ha ha ... lots of time now

Happy Crafting All