Monday 16 April 2012

More squares

Is going very slowly or so I think because I am under time pressure.
Anyway I am half way down with my quilt and my mind is already racing to another 100 things to start.
I think I have to hold my horses as I still have two cardigans started , a table runner from crochet, few hundred jewellery pieces and this was the year to finish all of them.
well .... I have to get over this too...

To get back to my quilt I have below few pics 

All of them are part of the science theme which is included in my quilt
Please any comment , suggestion and opinion is very welcome and very important to me .

Monday 9 April 2012

Wild Orchid

I like the outcome of my first flower done after a pattern which I find in Diane's Fitzgerald book.
I would probable do a little scale down next time but at the moment I am happy.
Her book ''The Beaded Garden'' is absolutely brilliant when you try to get new skills on beading , love it.

OK is same flower but can't decide which of the picture is best .
Anyway the main thing is the Orchid is actually come beautiful and I manage to acquire  new experience .

Happy beading all