Wednesday 7 May 2014

Autumn Symphony

This time is finished and ready for hanging up the wall of the exhibition-competition in Howth  . I am very proud about this project taking in consideration is first to be mount and framed  in totality by me . I got some help with the wire in the back from my lovely support husband but the rest I did.

I have decided to not add the glass as was pressing to badly the embroidery and was shiny .
I am still struggling to find a professional framer which would have the special glass glare free .At the moment I think is good in off just a very plain frame as I need to bring up the embroidery and not the frame.

I do not have big hopes for the competition but I will be very glad to get some feed back so I would know if I am on the wright direction or not.

Happy crafting all


  1. This is a beautiful piece. I am sure the compliments will flow as your stitching is so excellent. They say it is best not to have glass on your embroideries, if there is a smoker in the house you need to glass it but it is better so they say to let the work breath.Must admit most of my have glass on them though. Personally I do not like the anti glare glass, I think it deadens the stitching.

  2. Thanks Margaret for the advice regarding the anti glare glass .I did not know about the effect you say as to say the truth did not see any over a work , just heard about.
    We have no smokers in the house or between friends visiting so I just take care to dust them regularly.
    I have glass all over the pictures worked in half stitch (gobelin) and they are OK only you can't see clear the stitch from far (is to small ) ,need to take it down the wall to be seen.