Monday 17 February 2014

''Crewel twists'' my starting bible

I believe this is the second time when I am telling you about this amazing book, my first attempt was in a blog post from 17th July 2013.
My first attempts to crewel embroidery have been made after I have bought
by Hazel Blomkamp
I had found a great review of this book in a very well known site  and I have to say this book actually is more than my expectation. Learn a lot from the patterns from the book and to say the truth I did not even follow the color scheme from the book ( economical reasons). Decided I want only to practice the technique in preparation to my Royal School of Needlework  courses. 
Here are few pics of my first steps .

I actually plan to get back to this book and do all the patterns in there in a more professional manner after I fill finish the Certificate in RSN . I actually find more exciting to work with cotton and the needle lace on the top of the design is more in tune with my other love - needle lace making .

Anyway happy crafting all

Wednesday 12 February 2014

Royal School of Needlework

Finally I did made my self some courage and started the Certificate course with  Royal School of Needlework. At first I did feel like I go no where with my project in special when you had in mind to do Goldwork and been put back in your place  and told NO your are going to start with crewel work. Hmm... never heard to much about crewel work I think lots of embroiderers prefer some more fussy stiles : goldwork, silk painting , stumpwork or canvas work.
I must tell you is very very catching this crewel work and I think I start to fail for it.
 My project started with a nice simple plan ( maybe to many thinks drawn in ) but in esence I had a clear picture in my head what stitches to do and how.
Then the fun begin - having spend 4 days in Hampton I had 2 tutors at least per day and each had different ideas.
Not like they had bad ideas but I was to over whelm to tell them to stop changing thinks around so now I am totally confuse what to do as the drawing is having few stitches in top of each other
So I decided : I will do what I like 
here are few starting pictures

I wish I can add more thinks on the project but already is a bit to busy by what I saw in internet to other students. I may try to do a second one just for fun and practise.

Happy crafting all