Saturday 3 May 2014

Autumn Symphony

Finished and ready for our Annual Crafts Competition from Howth .I need only to frame it which I hope to do tomorrow. We hope here for Spring to come but right now the weather is like Autumn or maybe better say Winter is coming to Ireland.
I always ask my self how did I full my self to come in the country I must have catch a very good weather when I decided to stay.
Maybe I should not complain as this weather is give me the chance to stay in the house and do embroidery after embroidery and so on.

Pictures as always are fuzzy and not very good but at the moment they have to do as I am in hurry to finish another piece so I can move on with the framing

Happy crafting all


  1. very nice Renata, your stitching is always so perfectly done. We have been having lovely weather here in Leeds, you have lots of rain but that is why Ireland is such a beautiful green country

  2. Thanks Margaret to appreciate my work and I am very happy to see is coming from a very talented person.
    About the weather probably my complain is just a way of life as I always I am moody when is rain , and I hate more the wind than anything else.
    My daughter say I am a ''moaning bag '' :)