Wednesday 26 August 2015

Back to school

I had a great summer this year, even if we can't really say there was a real summer in Ireland.
During my trip to Romania I managed to get burnt a bit but otherwise all is OK.

Now preparations for the autumn are in full swing. Here is a few dates for your diary, as mine are already nearly full;
  • First we have the big ''Lace Convention'' at An Grianan with the fashion show and all the fun that comes with it. I can't even imagine the good times ahead of us to be had.
  • On the of 18th September we have the cultural night in Dublin and I will be putting on a demo in The Constant Knitter. This is followed by another workshop which I will hosting the weekend after at the same location.
Bookings well underway for this one.
  • Then the weekend following that on the 3rd of October we are embarking on a new and exciting big adventure.....!!!! We start the first of many workshops in Drogheda.

So fingers cross they all go OK.
  • Then the big date for your diary 12-15th of November at the Knitting and Stitching Show in RDS Dublin.
I did it..... yes, I made the decision... I took a stand and will have an exhibition of my work.
So you are all welcome to check it out and enjoy!
Don't you let me down by not dropping by to say hello....
I will talk more about all this soon.

Happy crafting all,


  1. best of luck with all your classes etc good to know you are sharing your embroidery skills with others . Have a great show in Dublin, I used to love working at that show shame I do not work anymore we could have met up

    1. Thanks Margaret for your wishes . I hope all to go well on the show and I will definitely take pics and share the experience with you all in here