Saturday 11 July 2015

New kits on the go

I really have just very little time for blogging or FB or anything else for this matter.
I am under big rush and pressure to prepare new kits for the embroidery up coming  workshop at The Constant Knitter .

Now on the top of this one I have done another one a bit more advance and I am well in the progress for the a bit one 
 Just a sneak peak before is going to be framed . Lovely warm colors and full of different stitches so plenty experience to get too.
This is just a small part so the big part is to finish the Xmas kits for the lace classes.
Will show you just a bit here too . And just so to give you an hint this lace will be presented as Xmas threes decorations .

Now... would you like to see more of  the kits? You would be very welcome to our classes .

Happy crafting all

Sunday 5 July 2015

Workshop in Dublin city

Had a brilliant day today doing kits for my upcoming workshop which will be in The Constant Knitter in the city centre.
Been very very lucky to get lots of help from my lovely daughter so manage to finish about 15 today.
I do need to do lots more but for the moment I am really happy as I have done everything from scratch  including drawing the design in each cloth .
 And so just to remind you what is all about ...

And so to be all on trend got myself an Instagram account too even if I do not own a smart phone. My lovely daughter will try to help me .
So hope picture will shown in there as I do my embroidery as usually I find myself lost in sewing and forget to take pics as I go so she may be able to do'it as I go .

Happy Crafting All

Thursday 2 July 2015

Romanian Point Lace bag

All the lace is finished for my first Lace bag.
I have decided I want to try my hand at doing a bag and at the moment I don't know really how to do'it but I know I have finished the lace .
Now I try how to do the lining of the bag but for the moment I still need to get my head around.
Probably I should have done a little pattern first  and then plan the lace to cover it.
No ..I start the other way around : did the lace and then do the actual bag.
You know very well the way you start the boo with the final chapter because you want to see if the hero is dying or not . 
Well I me be hat hero dead .....

As usual my pictures are not so great due to been in hurry .
I have to learn to have  more patience when I do take pictures  and  to use my tripod.
Now I have to sort out the actual bag .
One single problem . Not very sure about what colour would go nice in the back of this lace.
The color of the lace is nearly like in the picture with a very fade of greenish shade .
Any suggestions guys ?

Happy crafting all