Monday 18 August 2014

Sampler one " Golden transformation" update

I have promise some time ago to get a picture of the entire sampler but never mange to .
Some time life is getting a bit busy but this weekend manage to catch up with few things so I think is time for you to see the whole think .
In same time manage to finish one and near to the end of second hart for the embroidery guild's bounty for the Knitting and Stitching Show in Dublin.

This is for now as I have to run busy to change the thread in my embroidery machine . OK from time to time I cheat and use an embroidery machine too.
This will be for my next cheat with you

Happy crafting all


  1. what a beautiful sampler and the heart look good. I loved working at the K & S show in Dublin, 8 years since I have been there.

    1. Thanks Margaret,
      Do you have any chance to be there this year? We may meet there if you are around .

  2. Beautiful heart, Renata. Oooh, that sampler gives me the shivers.......such wonderful stitching.