Wednesday 13 August 2014


I am a bit upset today but I was thinking maybe I should share with you another little piece of crewel work which I did recently . Embroidery had been finished but as many other thinks is waiting patiently to be done something with .I probably set it in a decorative pillow . Maybe I should actually put it in a frame but I have so many frames around the house I may need a bigger house with more wall space :) .

Here in the picture is not finished actually . And all those blue lines are gone after wash.
Looks pretty OK even if I changed the tread shades like usually I do .

Anyway I did learn a valuable lesson doing this design : never try to switch the beads without taking in consideration the size of the design.
I find the bugle beads are a bit to big for the size of the drawing  and so in the middle have been using smaller bugles (some china stuff) which of course was to small so need lots of improvisation to cover spaces.
Hope to come with an updated picture o this one soon.

Happy crafting all


  1. your stitching is so immaculate, as you say wall space can be a problem, I have so many framed pieces I have no room for, am thinking about removing them from the frames and well I do not really know what to do with them bit they would take up much less room unframed.

    1. Oh... Margaret, maybe just store them in the frame somewhere and rotate them on the wall . I have a lot of Half cross stitch ( gobelin ) which is not framed and I tell you is start to deteriorate because when I show them to ppl they pull and touch . The ones in the frames are clean and in same state as when I finish them .

  2. This is so pretty with your colour choices, Renata. What I've decided to do with my framed pieces is to put up a chair rail trim at about 5' high all around my art room. It will be a little wider than some so that I can put up my framed work. Not only will this make a great way to keep my work visible and not take up every wall in the small house we have, but I can put others work there, too, and be inspired. It will be a project for this winter, and I'll probably paint my art room at the same time.

    1. This is a very good idea Suz , I will be thinking for something the same to match my siteroom