Saturday 23 August 2014

''Embroidery Windows '' more updates

Is slow work due to many projects and to the tiredness which looks like catching up with me.
Anyway I manage few pictures of the second motif in my sampler .
Hope they are good in off so I can go on to get a pattern ready at the end of the work .
Started as a simple leaf I think ended as a radish looking think ... lol..
 I am quite happy how the chains rows turn out as they usually make me bored and I am always hurry them . I think I manage to keep the thread to be of same thickness all over which is a challenge with Appleton wool .

 Thanks god to the computers as you can see all the little defects. I would never had seen the missing stitches on the yellow part . Now I had just added them and a new picture will be on the list to do .
I know I need little more work around mu photography skills :) .

Happy crafting all

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  1. you have become a real professional with your crewel work, this is another lovely piece