Wednesday 12 March 2014


I have to keep going on and practise my stitches. Using different kind of fabrics as base for my projects is make me to have a feel like I never done this stitches .
For example :
Short and long stitch :
          smooth and nice in the leaf done in linen twill
nice and tide in a normal cotton fabric like in the petals of the flower below
and not so easy and smooth on linen union
But as they say practise make it perfect.
So I will keep going for the moment.
Ha ... Just realise I can see the design lines . I swear when you looking at the sewing you can't see anything.
OK on more think to  think about to do an outline to cover this mess.

happy crafting all




  1. Renata your stitching is so very good, I like the linen twill fabric best but it is so very expensive, I think I am right in saying this is the traditional fabric used for crewel work

    1. Yes Margaret is the traditional fabric for crewel and is not only expensive but hard to find suppliers too. Anyway I have a small piece which I keep for the the Samplers competition , I want to do those samplers no matter of the outcome of the competition.