Monday 10 March 2014

New Crewel Embroidery project

Just had finish my first crewel embroidery project and already jumped to the next two
I had to order some wool so at first I try to deal with mounting the twill in the working frame and pouncing the design and painting . Did not realise but the paint I had was a bit to light so I will have a little of a struggle to see the design.Lucky I usually don't cry to much if I have to do something with no pattern / design .
This is what I come up with :
It looks a bit shrunk comparative with the design on the paper but I definitely had follow the drawing when I transferred it .
Already can't wait for the wool to come and is about 10 days until I hope they will send plus few more days on the post.
Then I had started something else - a sampler which I hope to send in RSN for the Sampler competition. You see I am a bit fussy if I don't like it at the end I don't dare to send it on .
I will give you just a pica boo as I don't think would be normal to show it
ha ha ... did you get it ? no this is good

I promise I will show you the progress in the second project which I only painted for now.

happy crafting all

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