Wednesday 5 March 2014

Crewel work a flying stitch

I have to say this lovely technique which is the crewel work start to captivate me even if the wool thread is getting on my nerves most of the time .
I actually have help too ,Tiger ,as you can see . I have to presume he like a lot the Blue range and Red range colours.
Ha ha ... he is like his mammy loving rich bright colours

I made a very good progress in the project and as you can see from the pics below I did need only 10 more minutes last night to finish it but it was to many for my eyes. So tonight will be the big night to finish . And when I am thinking I still have 4 days to work on this project when I go to Hampton I really do not know what to do . I may start another one just for the fun of doing something when I am there.

I am hoping I did a good job and will not need to pick off any stitches when I go to London .

Will keep in touch and let you know how I am getting on with this one.

Happy crafting all and hugs


  1. this is truly a beautiful piece, how lucky are you to be going to classes at the Royal School of Needlework

    1. Thanks Margaret , Yes I did make the decision after my surgery as I was thinking only one life I have, so I really want to do something which I really love . I try hard to do my best and I am hoping is a good work , I will see at the end of May when I go back for the rest of the course.

  2. Lovely work! I was doing a bit of crewel but found the wool bothered me terribly so I may be allergic, or it may just be the type of wool I was using.

    1. Yes the wool is very fragile and kind of doing a dust of some sort. I hate the fact is breaking very easy. But you can do crewel embroidery with cotton, now this days the modern way of crewel is with cotton .