Thursday 13 March 2014

Hearts and more hearts for a quilt

Yes lots of hearts to finish the embroidery on them for a quilt for my daughter.

I am not so sure about the last one but not to worry as I do have plenty patches to do .
I would love to finish this one this year and in special because I want to actually quilt it with maybe some feather design. All my quilts up to this time was actually quilt on the ditch not quite a proper quilting technique.
I actually have about 7 hearts done and still need 6 more , will see this are just to relax.
Somebody ask me what I am doing in my time free? What time free I say . For me sewing ,beading and crocheting is my life  .
I am breathing when I have a needle of some sort in my hand .

Happy crafting all

1 comment:

  1. these hearts are beautifully stitched, you have certainly mastered the bullions. Like you I am at peace and content when I have a needle in my hand