Monday 8 June 2015

Lace weekend at An Grianan

Had a lovely weekend at An Grianan with the ladies from our Guild of Irish Lacemakers .
Have been very impressed with all the work and talent going on in there .
I had a small class compared with the previous lace day in Dublin and all have been starting this lace for the first time. The single one with some experience have been my lovely friend Mildred .
Everybody  started with a small kit with a small design to get accustomed to the process of couching the braid and filling stitches
After a quick snap of pics I notice I actually have only the very busy hands doing they own things.
 This very brave hands are Mildred's hands working very busy at a much bigger design than all the other girls because now she is in an advance stage of her classes.

As we can see on the other pics the designs are a smaller size and by some experience over the many classes I was just hopping they will finish or be well on the way of achieving this.
Then surprise ... surprise. All finished by Saturday mid day and start another bigger designs or start to play around with the braid making .
I have to confess I sort of get them out of class Saturday after 5 pm which never happen with the other classes and still they was on the top of they own work .
Very very impress and so very happy as I had some time for my self doing different things and had a good chat with other girls .

 Here above I have a very quiet class of 6 and I actually was amazed how quiet they were.

 In this two pics above Maree  is modelling her lovely flower and patiently is waiting for me to give her a butterfly kit . Her hands ha a go to the braid in the process of waiting  :)

 Then here is the lovely star of  Elaine same as Bronwen below

All in all was a great weekend and I do believe a great success for the Guild .

Happy crafting all

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