Friday 5 June 2015

Back and Go

I had a very busy few days ... maybe weeks in the last month .
Officially all done and dusted at Royal School of Needlework :)
Yes handed in the silk shading and the gold work projects for assessment . Now fingers  crossed all to be OK.
Now this is the silk shade in the process of been put on the card.I am pretty happy with how come out and the fact had not to much of unpicking.
Then when I took it out and turn on the back the tutor was so impress with my back and put me to take a pic of the back too.
I was not so impress but oblige and here it is
The gold work did not go so smooth as I had to unpick the cutwork on the upper stem few times. The rough purl keep cracking very fast in special when I was taking the frame with me to the hotel.
It was enough to touch slightly with the nail and was cracking .
I manage anyway to hand in the work with no cracks which I hope will reach the judges like that,  but never know .

And as a little treat I will show you some pictures from the famous screen which had been donated to RSN .
Is all hand made in crewelwork , very old and very very beautiful

This was a great source of inspiration for me and many other students.
Now I have to let you as I am in hurry to get to An Grianan for teaching Lace at the weekend .

Will be back with few more pictures of this screen

Happy crafting all

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  1. your silk shading is beautiful and wow the back is excellent, would not dare share the back of some of my embroidery! Gold work looks good too, now that is a very difficult technique, just did one sample when doing my C & G and never did any more, too complicated for me. The crewel work screen is a delight, thanks for sharing these with us