Saturday 25 April 2015

Salvaged wool

I had got this bag of wool in a charity sale in our Lace Guild some months ago. Well ... have to say did not look at for long time until few weeks ago when I decided I have to use it for few practised pieces.
Easy said than done .... Start looking thru the bag and discover the threads was between 20 -25 cm or8-10 inches.
This should be OK for some kind of crewel work ...isn't?
Have to say NO , is not enough as I start the work and is a bit of nightmare . If I manage to unthread the needle on the middle of the work is some tough time to rethread it.
Anyway here is the start of my struggle :)

Hope you all have a more productive weekend than me as for the moment I actually have the speed of a slug .......

Happy crafting all


  1. Gorgeous design!

  2. This is looking lovely. There is a needle threader you can get for wool embroidery which makes threading the needles so easy. One end has a small hook, and the other a larger hook for bigger eyes. I will try to get a photo of mine to send you.

  3. oh wow, what beautiful stitching! Such vibrant colours