Friday 24 April 2015

Embroidery classes

Well soon the time is up for my first session of Embroidery classes.
I have to say I actually loved everything about from the space what we rented at RUA RED to all the ups and downs.

I have been blessed with a very , very good batch of students, some of them teachers them self  . So I have some good scrutiny in there which is kind of OK , give me very little margin of error.
I am going to be thinking of a little prize for  my first generation of students as I am actually very impress with the hard work what they put in.
 Very happy times for my lovely friend Janet  and as you can see below her work is coming to the end fast , very fast.

 Margaret is hoping to finish all before going on her cruise but I will be very happy to see how much work she is able to do on her holiday . Well .. will be nice to see her back rested and full of new energy for further designs .

 And I am actually very curios to see who is going to win the competition between Andrew and Louise :) :)
I strongly believe they both had win already .
Can't wait to see Louise's next project started as the picture she show me is amazing .Of-course finished too.

Well .. when we took the pictures my lovely friend Mildred was enjoying her self a lot having fun at ICA Craft Week in An Grianan . Tell you the truth I was envy her a bit for that :) :) .Anyway she is well able to teach me embroidery so I am worried about her only when she start to many projects at once , and that would be only because she will have more than me... ha ha ...
Can't wait to have the final pictures with all projects finished .
Will keep in touch

Happy crafting all

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