Thursday 24 July 2014

Sampler one " Golden transformation"

I was waiting for the results from RSN regarding our Sampler competition and unfortunately did not come out with anything .
But not to worry ... I have actually practised how to do a bit of an pattern and how to think about colours , threads and fabric combinations .
Now one of my Samplers is actually done and here I will give you few pictures . I still have to come with the whole picture but at the moment I am in the process of framing it .

In this one I had the intention of showing the beautiful transition from crewel work to gold work and the combination of the two techniques.
I am hopping to start soon in another few of this , I think I like to combine few techniques and to experiment with fabric thickness .
I will be back soon with an update in this one soon as is framed .

Happy crafting all


  1. your stitching really is immaculate Renata, amazed you did not get an award as everything is so beautiful

  2. Thanks Margaret , dos not matter the award , I am more happy when people like you ,with real experience ,appreciate my work .This is showing me the work I do is good and try to keep it up. You know for an award is the opinion of just few people and in the art is hard to make happy everyone :)

  3. Your work just makes me gasp in admiration Renata, I cant believe you did not get an award. I will give you one for very very best work.