Tuesday 29 July 2014

Bud of hope

This is another of my own designs . I took some inspiration from the Jacobean era designs trying to keep in with the trend . Loved the colours of the wool so I had to think the design around the wool colours and not the other way around.
Anyway after I start working the  design find my self all the wool was actually to old and is fraying very easy.
But as they say when you are getting this for free don't do to much fuss about .
I try to be good and I did my drawing and colouring in first .

Then I start to dig in .

Is working very slow due to the fabric used. Usually crewel embroidery is done on twill linen or some sort of ore sturdy fabric but I have used here even count Irish linen.
I know this would be better for the black work or so but I was curios how will be on the crewel embroidery and I tell you something for nothing is not easy.
The piece is looking fine , would be very good to do an fire screen or something but is very hard to work .
I still need to think what I will do with this as I am a bit bored with putting them on the frame , have to many frames so I need maybe few more walls on the house.
I may think for something like a cushion or maybe even a screen of some sort .

Happy crafting all


  1. your design skills are very good and you stitching always immaculate. Wonder where you get your linen twill as it is so expensive these days. I did find a supplier somewhere in Ireland many years ago and still have some left but think it is now about £32 a metre very pricey!

    1. Hi Margaret , at the moment I do not have a supplier but I get few pieces from RSN when I go to courses . I need to find one and I think the single place were they still manufacture linen twill ( real one) is UK . Soon I find one will let you know