Tuesday 13 August 2013

Romanian Point Lace Jewellery

Love the way how the time is actually flying . I never get the chance to say I am getting bored or to say " I finished one thing and what I am going to do now".
Some time ago I have done few more crocheted jewellery where I used as base the Romanian Braid
presented at end of Jan 2013

Now I got so nice and lovely cotton thread from Aimee Rose shop and I will probably give a try to few more jewellery. This looks like a very good way of checking how the braid is looking . I never was thinking the colour of the thread would have change the way how the braid look. Always was using the classical tan shades   for my projects.

happy crafting all


  1. all these are very pretty, I am sure you get lots of comments when you war them, maybe you will get some commissions too.

  2. How unique! I especially like t he last one....