Monday 5 August 2013

St Maelruian's Flower Festival

I never know when I have to start to prepare for a craft fair or like now for this Flower Festival.
I don't know how many flowers would be but I know for sure everyone is knighting tea cosies like crazy.
I am not so good at knighting or maybe better said I refuse to get better . So I decided to get a bit creative and do little thinks with embroidery.

I start with two little pin cushions , here is front and back of them.Entirely hand made .Flowers ?... hmm I do believe are few on the embroidery.

Happy crafting all

1 comment:

  1. pretty little cushions Renata, I am sure they will sell well, I have quite a collection myself and have them in a shallow basket on the coffee table as a display, just use one for pins I made years ago, a picture of it is on my blog.