Thursday 12 February 2015

''Embroidery Windows '' more updates

Hip hip ura!!!! I have finished the embroidery in this small Sampler .
Now only one step left - to make something with . I am not very sure if to do a wall hanging or a bag.
I will probably opt for a wall decoration as a bag is getting messy and I am not having the luxury of washing it constantly .
All this little motifs will be part of my classes which will start in April I hope.
Here are pictures individual for each motif which I posted so many times thru the process in my blog or FB

Well I will hope to post over the weekend the final piece with edges finished

Happy crafting all


  1. Great job! Very vibrant!

    1. Thanks Lorena , vibrant but not so well known as your work , I see you have lots of brilliant reviews , keep the good work

  2. All sew cute, but I especially love the owl!