Monday 9 February 2015

Crewel Embroidery -- past and present - series

Well it have been some time from the last post. I have had another go to RSN in Hampton and started my Gold-work embroidery   and Silk shade embroidery  modules.
Not so much of work done but lots of new projects started .
Anyway manage to do few picture to try to go on with  our explanations in the field of crewel work .
 Last when we did talk about was about the fabrics used.
the next step you want to have is drawing your design
I use at first to get to put together a picture using different small pieces which I got from books or internet. Then when you get the idea about the crewel principles you are going to create your own designs from your imagination. 
Big bold flowers and leaves which are disproportional from each other and will look weird in the nature make the best designs .
After you successfully   draw your piece and you are happy with the outcome next step is to copy to a transfer paper as per below .

Next step to be done it would be to prick the design . Pricking is the action of making small holes with a paper piercing tool or I use a needle with some cork at the end ears end.
Take the transfer paper with the design and put in the top of a cork board , a foam pad or if you don't have such think I usually use a small cushion and with a crewel needle make small holes . 
You can see the small holes in the picture above.
The the fun part begin. You need to line the design perfectly on the middle of you fabric and with pouncing powder you will transfer the design on the linen.
A very important thing is the fabric have to be very well stretch on the  frame or embroidery hoop before you start to use the pouncing powder.
Then will look something like this .
Is a lovely doted picture. With some acrylic paint you have to unify all the dots and paint your lovely design
So now you really start to fun part. I mean the embroidery :) :)

Happy crafting all

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