Monday 22 September 2014

Blackwork , nearly there ...

Some more progress is done from the last time when I was talking about my Blackwork .
Not to much but yet...

I really need to get some Photography classes as my pictures are terrible .
Maybe one more go in one day and I have finish the flesh . There is just a bit of the curly hair left and the strap from the dress .
Anyway I think I have learn quite few thinks in this one and the main think is choose maybe just 2-3-4 stitches and stuck with them . Don't try to modify stitches so to fit your design as you get a nightmare when try to meet them with other ones.
I will take it with me when I go to the course in October anyway. I have the feeling they will have a good laugh but I think this will be the good think because I would not let them without telling me what is wrong and what should have been done .

I do have  big dilemma of what will I choose to do as my piece for grading .
I would not like to do another  portrait  so soon but in the same time I don't like buildings either .
Animals in other hand I think they  are the subject of so many people .
I don't really know what I want and the problem is I do not have to much time to avoid the subject either. In the next few days or week have to be decided.

I will have to go over my few tens of thousands of pictures .

Any ideas?

Have a great time




  1. Oh my! This is lovely! Thank you for sharing this! What inspiration. Keep up the great work. -- Cindy

    1. Thanks Cindy , I have good teachers in Royal School of Needlework and I hope I am getting the idea :)