Monday 8 September 2014

Blackwork embroidery-- progress

I start to be in panic a bit as time is flying here around . I had planed to finish my blackwork piece until I go back to RSN for the module and I am a bit behind.Here is my progress from the weekend 
 Here is a pic with what I had last week
I think I had complicate my self with trying to get the waves in the hair from different kind of stitches and from changing direction.
Is kind of hard or maybe because I fell under pressure I just find it a bit difficult . Anyway I am very curios to see the end and to see what they will tell me in RSN.
Hope I did not destroy the model :) .

 I still have a big clump of curly hair in the left side and a piece of dress in the right .
Then is lots of adjustments to be done here and there ....
I think the best way to see the hair is when you look at the original picture in colour.
I just start to be more excited to finish this picture as is already from to much time on the frame .
Theoretical this should have been finished by 22nd September 14 but because I had to postpone my travel to RSN for October I got a bit lazy .
Well I still what to finish it by end of September
The problem is I need to prepare 20 kits of lace by mid October as I have a big class in second weekend of October and another big one the next week . I have to see how I juggle all this .
Well thinks have to be done somehow .
:) :)

Happy crafting all


  1. It looks stunning! Great job! :)

  2. what an amazing likeness you have created here, your work is stunning. Re the shading project maybe trees or an hydrangea?