Sunday 20 April 2014

Gold Work Embroidery Sampler - progress

A bit of progress done in my Gold work Sampler .
Lots of kid leather which I had used with string padding , felt padding and scrunched up .
 All this different techniques of using kid leather are nice on they own . Is seams I find the one with string the most difficult but I do presume with practise will go better.   

 This little piece from the leaf which looks so empty here below have to be fill in with bright check chips .
And there is a bit of trellis in green which I still have to decided if it is to be fill in with something.
 A bit of try to Or Nue

 An overview of the work already done .

I hope this is going to come out nice in off.
The background is an green velvet which in the pictures looks nothing like the real one.

Happy crafting all


  1. this looks immaculate, I would never have guessed the fabric was green velvet, so much for the camera never lying

  2. Hi Thanks very much girls , and yes Margaret I think this cameras are set up to not lie about my waist line not my works colors ...:)