Friday 7 June 2013

Finished stuff

I know is my fault to leave everything for last minute. I am going to teach one day class next Saturday and I am still not prepared with everything I want .Then the following week I teach a class in ICA Ireland and  I am in same situation. To say the truth I really do not know very well how can I be the best prepared.
Kits I have in 3 designs , patterns in about 7-10 designs , some sort of books for guidance , crochet hooks, needles ,thread and my main ingredient a lot of EXCITEMENT.
Anyway to not bore you anymore I have to make an update with some finished work. When I got my first prize for the quilt I received some lovely fabric which did not was more than a fat quarter in two patterns . So did not was in off to do any major project and I was thinking something small will do . Come up with a table runner which could not be whole without a trimming from Romanian Point Lace.

Done a bit of embroidery too in some of the patches were was no decorations. I actually was very happy how came out and if I think I probably have some fabric for one more piece or maybe I can think of four mats .

Happy crafting all


  1. your mat has come out a treat, wonder did you make the lace as well, looks wonderful

    1. Thanks Margaret , I was surprize my slef how well the combination between the lace and the quilting came.