Wednesday 1 May 2013

Tigers day

When some people (me) are very busy trying to meet dead ends some are having just a lazy day .
Start with a bit of rest
then because is very tiring to look at mammy getting ready for the job he is getting very tired so maybe a good nap will do well
Like any good boy after a good sleep will follow a very good wash
then being very cute help on getting more treats
and here do not think he is a very romantic cat . This is just some desert to settle down the hair balls.
And because this all was to much stress he is finish the day in style with another nap.

I just have to call out the day as is late and tomorrow is a long day on the job. Have to be in good form as I heard something about ''voluntary'' redundancy and I do not need to provoke them in any way right now.
Unfortunately my crafts do not pay my bills now so I still need to be accountant for the time being.

Happy crafting all

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