Monday 3 September 2012

And here are the result of the Science in My Quilt Competition

After some waiting with emotions and no big hopes we got the results of Science in My Quilt Competition.
Very lovely and brilliant work done in all the quilts . Some of them was big and very complex and some smaller but very unique in design and material used
I will let you judge for yourself the beauty of all this work

 This first ones are the quilts which qualify for 4th, 5th and 6th places and which I think are very unique
 a beautiful design with SPACE theme and other very precise sciences

 This little one with butterfly was absolutely amazing by my like as it has this lovely insertions of very fine lace
  A beautiful  DNA representation , very tidies job with the little strips on the side

This was one of the more classical quilts very big and beautiful

And here start to be the main winners
Fourth  place have been taken by this very interesting Fibonacci spiral which had been made from vry , very little squares put together and which I find to be lot of job
Third place go to this lovely quilt with embroidery of domestic animals and flowers. I like a lot the neat embroidery , very nice
Second place have been taken by the under the sea view which combine quilting with felt making

And the first place is for my little piece of art which is very near to my heart and my soul.

Here is one pic with the lovely ladies which organized the competition


  1. what a beautiful selection of quilts, am I right in thinking you won 1st prize,certainly a great quilt, I think my second favorite one is the first one.

  2. Congratulations, Renata! Well done.

  3. I'm reading this a little late, but congratulations anyway! I looked at it very close up and it is amazing!