Sunday 20 May 2012

Rainbow Science

And the front of my quilt is finish . WOW ... had a shock my self... This is happen when you are not having a proper idea what you want to say in your work.
I never realise what will go on when you put all those crazy patches together. Anyway is absolutely to late to change anything by next week I have to bring it to the association and then to send it for the competition.
Have no expectation anymore .

Anyway manage to put all the pieces together without breaking my sewing machine needles or any of the beads from the embroidery.
Try to start do the the sandwich but  realise I can't see anymore which one was the face and back of the fabric so I have to leave it for Monday


  1. Hi Renata,
    Don't be so hard on your self. I think it is beautiful. You did a wonderful job, each block tells a story. It's a crazy quilt it is suppose to look that way.

  2. Thanks Therese for your nice words . Anyway I am happy to say a learned a lot of new stitches doing this quilt . I have to send this for a competition organized by Irish Quilting Association and as you know they are a bit over fussy , so will see how it go .