Wednesday 19 October 2011

Ufs and Ohs....

Someone said ''artists are divided into two categories'' ones with money which they are using them to satisfy the drive to create and mange to change they own lives and other peoples lives and other which create to be able to get some money.
This is getting very confusing as I just realize I do not actually fit in any category .
Yes... is bad .... 
I have to say I have no money to invest in my hobby and for the likes of selling stuff for money I manage only to sell a bracelet and that for only €4.00.
... ha ha sad isn't?
I am still positive and keep going with my little stash of bracelets , necklaces and earrings. 



  1. Hang in there Renata, those are cute daisy chain bracelets. I fall in the same category as you, but I have sold a little bit more than what you have. Have you ever thought of having an open house jewelry sale. You are a very talented beader. I'm going to have one in December.

  2. Did not try any of this thinks Therese , the area were I leave in is not really advisable to open your house to anybody ... I actually will try to go to few Markets now before Christmas and I did register my self in Irish CowntryWoman Association as they have a section for crafts.
    Anyway I hope by next year my husband will manage to launch my site .
    Good I am still working a steady job for the moment.

  3. These are such pretty litle bracelets, I love them.
    Selling your art or craft is really hard, but don't undersell yourself. Sometimes it takes a while to find out where you fit in and the best places to sell.
    Don't give up, you are doing lovely work.