Thursday 22 September 2011

Very busy and exited times

Lost of news in my life right now.

For the first time I will go out in the world with my beads.
This shop is on the heart of Dublin and as you can see from her video is just a very busy shop.All the vintage stuff in there is very nice and I have to say my daughter actually developed a dependence to go in this shop at least once a month.
Just click on the picture and go to see this great place.

Most of the thinks in the shop are hand made and many times when you go in there you will have the opportunity to talk directly with some of the designers which are really nice and very helpful.

But this will be from Sunday on and will keep you  posted how I'm getting on. Maybe I get some pictures of the stuff which I will bring up there.

Another excited think going on is Hurray ..... I go to attend  Irish Countrywoman's Association activity night.
I am very curious and hopefully will get to know many of our crafty woman.I know Country Woman do not sound very encouraging but there all are from the city in the branch what I want to join and this days actually a city girl doing knitting or crochet is a very rare think.

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