Monday 2 January 2017

New Year , new classes

Wish you all a very Happy New Year !!!  So very happy to see another one coming and a ugly one gone 😂😂.
I do hope to have a much different year this time. My health seems to start to improve and hopefully will  get better and better.
The classes to be done this year will be more about embroidery and hope to be less stressful than the ones I had run in 2015.
2016 been a year with no classes , no job nothing , totally empty ....
The new designs to make it to the classes are following the brazilian embroidery characteristics missing only the real supplies.  
 The one below is a small one done for a short burst of creativity .

 The bigger one bellow is more for advanced classes and a longer time .


Hope to be more able to do blogs and other social media post in this new year too. 

Happy crafting and good health to all
Lots of love


  1. to read you are going to do classes again and are feeling so well now, wishing you continued health in 2017 and a happy year

  2. Missing you . Hope you are well .Hugs xxx